caad training

Training specialities

BAYSPRO’s training methodology and principles of knowledge-transfer are reviewed and updated at frequent intervals, in keeping with the international standards of training and skill-learning. BAYSPRO’s training program is made up of several components that are interwoven into a seamless curriculum.

Our training program includes the following:

Technical and Subject-Matter Experts: Each syllabus is carefully crafted by the trained instructors, and discussed in detail in the classrooms. Students are encouraged to participate actively in the classroom sessions in order to glean the most from the expertise of their instructors.

Seminars and Workshops: Apart from the classroom sessions, BAYSPRO brings in a steady flow of professionals, experts, and successful entrepreneurs from the various industries, to impart their know-how to the students. Sessions contain lectures, presentations, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and more.

Webinars and E-Learning: Students are provided the means to research and learn more on their syllabus topics through webinars and e-learning programs. The Computer Labs at BAYSPRO are at the disposal of students who are keen on spending time researching and learning topics related to their professional courses.

Group Discussions, Exercises and Presentations: BAYSPRO believes in giving students a chance to be vocal in the classroom set-up. Regular group discussions and exercises are held, wherein students work together and share ideas with their peers. Students are also called to do several presentations on subjects of their interest, related to the syllabus. These activities infuse the classes with a competitive spirit as well as a chance to learn from their peers. Students also gain confidence as a result of their research, learning, and the opportunities for public speaking.

Mentoring Programs: BAYSPRO encourages students to make optimum use of the mentoring program, wherein students are assigned to an expert instructor or an industry professional in order to learn the ropes from someone who has walked their steps. Students will meet with their assigned mentors at regular intervals and share their progress, achievements, career goals, and so on. They will also be able to learn first-hand about the industry, the curriculum, their career growth opportunities and more.

Case Studies, Business Simulations, Demonstrations and Showcases: Towards the end of the professional courses, students are provided assistance in setting up demos, showcases or business simulations according to their course content. Their work is then analyzed by industry experts and successful leaders in the field. They will also receive feedback and observations on how to improve their work.

BAYSPRO’s sessions are predominantly conducted by visiting professors who are brought in exclusively based on the requirements of the programmes. This, added with the fact that classes are restricted to small numbers, ensures that each student gets an opportunity for a one-on-one interaction with the instructor, and benefits fully from on-demand training in niche skill areas. Instructors are attentive to the individual learning patterns of each student, and make certain that students receive ample quality classroom training and laboratory practice.