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Did rockets ever amaze you?
Comets caught you in awe?
Got curious about extra-terrestrials?

This Summer we're gonna transport you to the World of Space,
Cindrebay Nurture Club presents, Summer Space Camp for Students
We let you get behind the telescope, find the secrets of space!

At the camp, you will explore:
  • The World of Space – The mysteries unravelled and discoveries that has made a difference
  • Satellites and Rockets – Rockets and launch vehicles, satellites and how they influence our daily lives
  • The Mangalyaan Project – Understanding what's gone into India’s big step in Space Research
  • Rules of Life - Earth, Sun and the concepts of Time, motion, gravity
  • Life Outside Planet Earth - The search for Extra-terrestrials and astro-biology
  • Excellent work being done by Indian Scientists, including grass-root level application of space
  • What needs to be done to get into space research
  • Students' projects and ideas presentation. Mentoring by scientists
  • Visits to space centres and exposure to facilities used in space research
Enjoy this week long space odyssey in the midst of well known Space Scientists who worked in ISRO, with hands on activities, site visits, fun projects, multi-media lectures and Q&A sessions.
  Who: Children between classes IX to XII
When: April 16 to 21, 2018 (Monday to Saturday)
Where: ​NIAS Lecture Hall, IISc​​ Campus, Bangalore             
You never know, we might discover an astronaut in you!

About Us

We are a Bangalore based educational enterprise founded to create an off-beat learning arena for children in classes 5 through 12. We recognize that a variety of things attract the curiosity of children - Astronomy & Space science, Architecture & Design, Coding & Computational Thinking, Animation Graphics & Movie Making, and so on. Our aim is to nurture these interests and offer opportunities to indulge in such endeavors and take them to the higher levels to realize their dreams.

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What our students feel about the Bangalore Space Camp


We are excited about the experience of the first space camp conducted in Bangalore during May 15-24, 2014 by ISRO Scientists and Space Experts. It excited the student participants greatly and they keep demanding further such programs from us. The camp took the children deep in to the world of Space, taught them about Orbits and Planetary Motion, Mangalyaan, Chandrayaan Missions and many more. The camp took them beyond what their text books taught them, as Astrophysicists spoke, explained, dissected and demonstrated awe inspiring facts about the space.

Here is what some of our students said
about the previous Space Camps ​
“What I gained at the camp was a lot more than knowledge. It was the ‘EXPERIENCE’. I felt so proud to be a part of Nurture Club. Everyone isn’t lucky enough to meet such great scientists and interact with them”

– Vybhavi V Adiga, Sri Chaitanya College
“Brilliant! Mind blowing! Even these words don’t suffice to explain and describe my experience at the summer space camp. The most exciting part of the camp were the three trips that we had to ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC), Indian Deep Space Network (ISTRAC) and the JN Planetarium”

- Bharat Govind Gautam, Ryan International School
“I was held captivated and at each step gained clarity on what I wanted to pursue. Each lecture was stimulating and thought provoking”

– Shruthi Sreedhar, Sri Kumaran Children’s Home ICSE
This is the best Camp I have ever attended. We met people from ISRO who not only explained the technology behind rockets and satellites but informed us about the benefits to common man

- Deepthi Narasimhan, The Brigade School
“It was a fabulous camp, the best Summer Camp I’ve ever attended. I learnt how useful Space Research is and also a lot more from none other than the people of ISRO themselves”

- Prerana C, Sri Kumaran Children’s Home ICSE
Experience of a life time. This camp not only inspired me about space exploration and utilisation but also made me a new and changed person. Such honourable and respected people have addressed us and taught us the things involved in exploration

– Sachin Pandey, Kendriya Vidyalaya AFS