QA QC in Mechanical Engineering
caad training

Duration: 2.5 Months

Application Criteria:
Should have completed B.E. or M.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering
Applicants must have basic proficiency in English, as it is the medium of communication and instruction

QA QC in Mechanical Engineering course of Bayspro teaches Non-destructive Testing methods (NDT), as a part of the Quality Control process and its complementary skills. Non-destructive quality control methods simply mean that the testing of materials for surface or internal flaws or metallurgical condition is done, without damaging the integrity of the material or its suitability for service, in any manner. The technique is used on a sampling basis for individual investigation or on 100% checking of material in a production quality control system. Added to being a method for rejecting substandard material, NDT is also a method that confirms the claim a product makes that it is first-rate.

Bayspro certified QA QC in Mechanical Engineering course has its syllabus framed by experienced engineers and faculties. The course includes manuals, demo software, design chart, drawing of sample projects etc.

Duration of the Course

The MEP course is a 2.5 monthslong program, with 3 months of training. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, with sessions stretching to 3 hours per day. Industrial visits and on-site training will be provided.

Course Content

QA QC and NDT methods do not have a single process or route for asserting the quality of equipment and products. This course introduces students to the following methods of NDT:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Radiographic Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing

Course-Completion Stipulations

Students will be deemed eligible for awarding the QA QC in Mechanical Engineering Certificate when they meet the stipulations for satisfactory completion of the course. The first and foremost of these is the training period.
Students of QA QC are generally expected to successfully complete a theoretical and practical training program, as well as have performed several hundred hours of practical application of the particular method they wish to be trained in. They are required to pass a certification examination.
Additional stipulations are:

  • Attendance of not less than 80% of the scheduled class hours and other assigned learning activities
  • Completion of all course assignments and performance assessments, with a total of 60 credits etc.

Career Prospects

If you are certified by Bayspro in QA QC in Mechanical Engineering, you stand to find a career in a wide spectrum of industries, with a very high pay package. Third Party Inspection companies and Vendor Inspection Companies are always on the lookout for fresh candidates. Other industries of interest are Refinery, RIG, Gas Oil Separation Plant, Pipelines (oil, gas, water etc.), Aeronautical companies, Petrochemical plants, Offshore Platforms, Water Treatment plants, Nuclear Plants, Automobile companies, Power plant Construction, Ship Building, Steel Plants, Fertilizers industry and more.