QA QC in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
caad training

Duration: 3 Months

Application Criteria:
Should have completed B.E. or M.E. degree in Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering Applicants must have basic proficiency in English, as it is the medium of communication and instruction

QA QC in Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering course deals with the field of engineering related to the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electrical design engineers are sought after in various divisions like design, and manufacture and mechanism of power and distribution systems, along with the design of safety system, sub-stations design, commercial and domestic interior lighting, design of low current systems, selection of shielding device, CCTV System design, design of fire alarm systems, and sound systems design.

The QA QC in Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering course is certified by Bayspro, and the syllabus has been framed by experienced engineers and faculties. The course includes manuals, demo software, design chart, drawing of sample projects etc.

Duration of the Course

The QA QC in Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering course is a 3 months program. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, with sessions stretching to 3 hours per day. Industrial visits and on-site training will be provided.

Course Content

The course throws light on the following aspects of QA QC in Electrical Engineering:

  • Introduction to EPC Industry
  • Introduction to role of Electrical Engineering in EPC/Plant establishment
  • Co-ordination with other departments
  • Introduction to common terminology used across the industry
  • Overview of International codes and standards used in industry
  • Introduction to P&ID symbols
  • Calculation of Load and Preparation of Load Schedule
  • Selection of motor with respect to connected machine and usage
  • Estimation of power supply capacity and stand-by capacity

Course-Completion Stipulations

Students will be deemed eligible for awarding the QA QC in Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering Certificate when they meet the stipulations for satisfactory completion of the course. The first and foremost of these is the training period. 
Students of QA QC are generally expected to successfully complete a theoretical and practical training program, as well as have performed several hundred hours of practical application of the particular method they wish to be trained in. They are required to pass a certification examination.

Additional stipulations are:

  • Attendance of not less than 80% of the scheduled class hours and other assigned learning activities
  • Completion of all course assignments and performance assessments, with a total of 60 credits etc.

Career Prospects

If you are certified by Bayspro in QA QC in Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, you stand to find a career in a wide spectrum of industries, with a very high pay package. Third Party Inspection companies and Vendor Inspection Companies are always on the lookout for fresh candidates. Other industries of interest are engineering and construction, factories, electronic equipment installations, oil and gas services, and power generation companies, to name a few.