Certificate in Textile Design
caad training

Eligibility: 10+2 or Equivalent
Duration: 3 Months

Course Description

This is a course that looks to impart skills in creative print. The course is modelled like a workshop and students are given the opportunity to experiment with dyes, resist methods and hand painting. A fun and informative course, the students learn to bring together complementary techniques and printing methods to create innovative designs. The finished creations are then included in their portfolios. Students will learn how to put together a collection of samples, including repeats, borders, stripes, non-directional all over, and half drops and placements, as is done my expert textile designers.

This programme is framed and tutored by industry professionals and experts. The classes are monitored by established designers and renowned fashion experts, and students will receive valuable insights from the same. The Course is certified by Bayspro

Learning Hours: 180

Course Content

  • Introduction to Weaving, Printing, Embroidery and Dyeing
  • Nature Study
  • Introduction to Types and Placements
  • Design Development and Color Variations
  • Textile Printing
  • Textile Theory and Portfolio

Teaching Methods and Assessment

Teaching Methodology: Instructors use creative methods and hands-on approach to steer students towards bringing their ideas and concepts to the paper. Students are encouraged to examine and pursue all techniques, skills and explore different styles of designing in order to gain a wider and more international approach to fashion and design. Knowledge and skills are imparted through a series of lectures, presentations, documentation, practice and field study.

Assessment: the portfolio and work of students are assessed based on cumulative interim reports calculated through assignments, projects, presentations, performance in classes, class tests and final jury. The marks will be split as following:

  • Internal Assessment         –  20 marks
  • Class Test                           –  20 marks
  • Final Exam and Jury           –  60 marks

Course-Completion Stipulations

Students will be deemed eligible for awarding the Entrepreneurship Development and Management when they meet the stipulations for satisfactory completion of the course. The stipulations are:

  • Attendance of not less than 80% of the scheduled class hours and other assigned learning activities
  • Completion of all course assignments and performance assessments, with a total of 60 credits.

Career Prospects

A graduate of this course can choose from a wide range of career options that include Clothing/Textile Technologist, Textile or Fashion Designer, Printmaker, Industrial/Product Designer, Interior and Spatial Designer and more.